Enter the  spiral of planetary ascension

Enter the spiral of planetary ascension

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Activation- the original blueprint of the divine human design

The old template of limitation and duality  that cause you to experience the circle of cause and effect, of death and rebirth endlessly is removed 

The new template of the Krystic spiral connected to the eternal life force of Source is activated 

Reprogramming the original blueprint of the Divine Human design template

Reprogramming your DNA, encoding new information to your cells, in your bioenergetic field, akashic records and all levels of your consciousness.

Connecting to the new paradigm of the  golden timeline reality to open the pathways for your full liberation, to accelerate the full embodiment of your Divine Presence

You'll experience a sense of big liberation, raise your vibration to higher frequencies of Presence,  accessing  new timeline realities more aligned to your divine path

Liberate  old programming that conditions your life experiences. 

By activating and reprogramming the DNA and RNA, we cancel the existing alterations and activate the angelic DNA, reconnecting the soul with your Higher Self.

If you have been feeling disconnected,  emotional ups and downs, disorientation, a sensation of going backwards on your path of spiritual evolution, or have experienced inflammatory states in your physical body, this transmission is a great help for you.

Make sure you do this transmission several times to get out the most of it. 


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Enter the  spiral of planetary ascension

Enter the spiral of planetary ascension