The journey into self-realization requires to open different seals within you that open you to new levels of freedom, synchronicities and joy.  

This first seal will allow you to connect with your Divine Self and receive higher wisdom and insights that will ease your path with synchronicities and with aligned actions into your highest destiny.  

The power of creation comes from your Divine Self, the one that knows your purpose and has all the tools to manifest whatever you need to fulfill your purpose whenever you need it. 

Prepare yourself to make a shift in consciousness to be able to access the New Earth frequencies and increase your light quotient. 



sophia kryst 50pts

Coach, Holistic Facilitator, Quantum Healer, Cosmic Channel

Sophia's mission is to help everyone that is awakening into the spiritual path to reveal the Divine within by embodying deeper levels of love and igniting the spark of light within. 

By returning to self love you are remembering your Divine Essence and revealing your most authentic expression. It is in this moment that your life makes sense and purpose and inner joy start to fill your being.