The frequencies coming from Source bring forth information on how to create and live in the new Golden Age that already started.  When you unify the heart and the mind as One, you are connected to the Universal Heart and create harmony all around you. 

The heart and the mind coming together as one is also related to the teachings of the Kryst Consciousness, this is the unification of the  polarities, also unifying masculine and feminine energies within, to then become whole.

After receiving this sacred initiations, it will create a huge expansion and transformation within to then realign your life with a new beginning.  

Higher frequencies always overcome lower frequencies. This means, receiving the cosmic frequencies of love , you  can dissolve many of  your discordances,  restore harmony, release suffering,  creating a huge shift within you and in your external environment. 

These initiations will change your life, it will have a permanent effect increasing your vibration, expanding your consciousness, improving health and your physical body, increasing your spiritual power, increasing your magnetism that will attract incredibles synchronicities in your life, expanding your higher extra sensory perceptions. 

These initiations are recorded at the period of the Solstice  when  the Sun enters in direct alignment with the Central Sun, the Core of the Galaxy and the Center of the Cluster of Galaxies also called Laniakea.  The plasma light is broadcasting the coming cycle sending frequencies to seed the Earth with the new Golden Age frequencies. 

That light carries codes, frequencies and information on how life is going to unfold.  This information will accelerate your spiritual evolution to  accelerate your transition to embody the Divine in the physical form. These are the teachings of the Kryst Consciousness. 


All the recordings are encoded with these frequencies and codes. 

These initiations will  activate your receptor points to fully receive these cosmic plasma frequencies to better assimilate in your body with ease and expand even faster.  They  will allow you to open your chakras and energetic system  for  the Descent of the Divine in your physical body, expand your bio energetic field and prepare your body for a more crystalline structure .

All the chakras and all the wheels that are spinning inside of you are connecting with your organs and parts of you that need to open in order for you to be able to have that bandwidth that is matching the frequency of this plasma light.  These chakras will be expanded and activated during these initiations. 

These transmissions are designed to prepare you to embody more of your Divine Self into your body, opening the seals of the krystic spiral to activate the Divine Human Blueprint, embody more  parts of your Soul,  expand your light quotient and to prepare your body for a more crystalline structure. 


  • 12 Initiations through the different temples of Egypt to allow the Soul to be embodied into the physical form by opening the seals to activate the Divine Human.
  • Balancing the polarities to allow the sacred union of masculine and feminine within to be integrated as One Unified Being. 
  • Activating the principle of Divinity with the Holy trinity of Divine Masculine or Ascended Power , Divine Feminine or Divine Love and Divine Child or the Golden frequencies of Horus, the enlightened Being in  the Human form. 
  • 3 strand DNA activation
  • Receiving of the frequencies of the Cosmic Mother, the return of the planetary Divine Love
  • Activating the ancient wisdom and knowledge of the ancient civilization of Egypt
  • Activation of the planetary crystalline network transmitting the new codes and information. 
  • Activating the Lemurian Codes and ancient wisdom

Register now and start expanding your light body to allow more of your Divine Essence to be integrated into the physical form. 

The seals of your chakras  will be activated into the new Divine template to expand your light body and to upgrade the human template in which the body can absorb more light.  This will allow you to activate the different organs of your body and even change the way your body is able to function, becoming more efficient, healthy and even preventing aging. 

This sacred initiations will allow you to rearrange your genetic signature, unlock genetic potentials, activate the energy in your cellular matrix and uplift many veils so you can be able to see beyond the veils of limitation to transcend lower tendencies, programs of duality, to illuminate the soul and to embody this enlightenment in your physical vehicle.  This is also called the descent of Spirit into form. The Embodiment of the Divine Self in the physical form.  

Through this process of expanding your consciousness, transcending duality, being able  to sustain more light in your body is what allows  the embodiment of your Divine Self going through a process of death and rebirth, where the light of your Soul will be embodied. That's why this process will be life changing. After these profound initiations, you'll  be reborn as a whole new Being. 


In spirituality and quantum science it is known that all that is happening on a micro level is also happening at a macro level, it is the one and the same. What is happening in the stars, the astrological alignments, is also happening in your body when you are aware of it and when you choose to activate it within you.

What is happening in the Milky Way,  it is also happening in your spine when you tune into it this sacred knowledge and you activate it within you. What is happening in all the chakras of the Earth is also happening in your own chakras when you connect and receive it. 

Do you start to understand why we are so powerful? The more you activate within you  the new codes of the kryst consciousness, the more the whole planet gets activated and the more the whole galaxy gets activated. The ultimate truth is that ALL IS ONE.

The 3D reality is just another dimensional experience, our Higher Selves live in many, many,  dimensions. The more you upgrade your human body, the faster you transition into a new more cohesive reality  and create the so desire New Earth. 

Are you experiencing ascensions symptoms?  like heart palpitations, hearing a pitch in your ears, tiredness, blurred vision, or an  inner calling to let go of the old and connect more to the Divine Self. 

The cosmic radiation transforms the genetic template for the ones that are experiencing this journey, it can resolve and clear free radicals, it can also activate dormant DNA . 

The ascension symptoms that many people are experiencing is because the frequency is raising up. The DNA is just light and when there’s highly coherent signals of light it can activate sequences from your RNA communicating to the DNA to open up certain genetic information packets. There’s a lot of information held into the DNA that has been coming into the surface to clear up, liberate  and realign to a more cohesive state. We are opening, unwinding what has  been dormant.

As these energies come through the Earth into the waters, also come into the waters of the body of the ones that are experiencing the initiations creating the Divine Human , this is where the transformation is happening , this is where also force transformation that is occurring .

Coach, Holistic Facilitator,  Quantum Healer, Cosmic Channel, Sacred Architect 

My purpose is to help you to reconnect your Soul and your true Essence, reclaiming your inner power and sovereignty, experiencing deep levels of love and self-esteem, find clarity, reconnect to your  inner wisdom, profound peace and balance, increase joy and  expand to new levels of abundance. 

I also support you to transition into the new Golden Age, by going through the alchemical process of ascension preparing your body for the next stage of evolution. 

As a Cosmic channel, I transmit high frequencies and codes from the Higher realms to  support you to complete all the different levels and layers of pain, suffering, trauma, unresolved patterns, conditionings and limited belief systems, family lineage issues, stored in the Akashic Records and bioenergetic field from all the different ages and lifetimes. Activating dormant DNA to ignite the remembrance of your Divine Self, where your  highest gifts and your wisdom resides.