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The Golden Circle Community

THE GOLDEN CIRCLE   brings the teachings of the path to return back to Home, Source Consciousness, Unconditional Love, Wholeness. 

I AM PRESENCE Community is a sacred space to support you to deepen your connection with your soul, accelerate your spiritual evolution, to evolve in all areas of your live, accelerate your transition to the new species of the Divine Human being, find the connection with your Higher Self and to connect with a community with the same interest and desires that support you to grow and find fulfillment. 

To achieve solutions to your daily problems. Find a space where people have the same inner calling and deepest desires. A community where you will find guidance to the following steps to keep evolving with love and nutritionfeeling safe as you are constantly growing and shortening the time frame in which you are able to find answers and resultsfeel so much better, accelerate your transition to new ways of living more harmoniously, more happy, more cohesive.  

 Find answers to the big Truths of the Universe, find tools to evolve towards a new and more evolved enlightened specie. 


Library of guided meditation, energy transmissions and sacred rituals.
Daily practices
Monthly teachings to deepen your connection to your soul, accelerate your spiritual growth, evolve in all areas of your life, accelerate your transition to the Divine Human.
Spiritual Nutrition
Connection with the cycles of the Earth and the Universe
Masterclass to deepen to specific themes
Monthly meditations with deep healings and energy transmissions
Space for Q&A.
Energetic container to support you 24/7 to evolve in all areas of your life. 
Exclusively for members of the Community, you'll have access to special discount in all programs we offer that allow you to accelerate and work deeply in specific areas you need to grow. 
All content is created with the purpose to support you to evolve and experience how to live in the New Earth. 

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